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The total of the European union commerce with the north western and south countries of the African desert is about 86% from the total commerce with the other African countries.

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Opening Speech of The General Manager of Elmreisa Free Zone

Qwider Ibrahim Qwider

Port, trading and transshipment cluster


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Technology cluster


Media cluster

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful Starting from the national vision, which were discussed in the middle 2000s in specialized research centers, which resulted on a number of recommendations and programms to follow from the developing 2025 programme, as well as formalized other visions and proposals that were provided by international specialists. All of them agrees on that the Libyan economy getting near of being based on services through the advantage use of its distinguished geographical location and being close to the European ports, in addition to being a part of Africa. Also, Libya has a great deal of natural resources and hydrocarbons that enables it of establishing a high level projects in that field, as long as it reflects the future of national economy in a positive way, besides having an international partners. For that, the authority of Elmreisa free zone has interpret the goals that were formalized in 2006 by the Research and Economic science Center, through establishing 6 different clusters within the free zone to be specialized in different areas. Their fields will be in the transportation and transit, friendly oil industries, food industry for exportation, IT, education & research and other related to media. We want Elmreisa free zone to be a national project reflects the ability of Libya in selecting its position in the Mediterranean area, in addition to reflecting the social and cultural varieties of Benghazi, along with its ability in becoming the first city in Africa because of its location and human resource. The latter is considered from the basics of launching any programms, development plans and projects. Benghazi through history is considered an attractive city for businesspersons and investors, since it was distinguished with the transit trade and services economy. It also replicates the future national economic identity, ever since it is combined uniquely with most of the Libyan social classes and origins. Being central in the petroleum crescent area, near Aljabal alakhder and close to the Highway transportation roads, which goes deep in Africa, Benghazi is considered as a logistic and technical support for most of the oil and tourism projects in the eastern region of Libya. This does not decrease from the importance of the other cities, each one has its own identity and nature, which enables it to formulate its vision and allocate its position in the national and international investment field. For not wasting the efforts of the nationals and charity people in our cities, Arab world and in the Islamic nation, we need to focus on what we want! And how to achieve it! Finally, I send my appreciations to the economic and technical committees, the staff of Elmreisa free zone, whom has been working for two years now voluntary, as well as all the other supportive entities. We send our prayers to Allah to help us success and do good for this country and for its people.


The importance of the free zone

We need to focus from now on, on the free zones and other similar projects with the special nature for attracting foreign investors and encouraging the national once, since these zones provides laws that helps on investments such as the law of free zone, transit trade and its executive rule. Along with the ability of providing smooth services with less administrative bureaucracy, complications with the state and simplicity in securing the consultancy projects that will be launched in these zones. The prefeasibility study of Research and Economic Science Center (2007) and the technical report of Benghazi University scientific team (2013) expect that Elmreisa free zone will provide almost 40K direct job opportunity for the Libyan youth and more than 500 project from the small – medium projects. Being a multi specialized zone will provide the growth that needed in both manufacturing & cultivating to push the economy of the country forward as well as increasing the education and culture in Benghazi and in Libya.

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